How To Dress-Up Tired Smart Keys

Smart Keys live a rough life when you think about it. Imagine being thrown into a purse or slid into a pocket with house keys rubbing and slamming into you. Over and over and over again. Day in and day out. Then there's the accidental drop to the floor or onto a hard counter top. Ouch! It's a pretty hard life really. 

So it's no wonder that after a short while your Smart Keys can get scratched and dinged. They lose their original luster. The print on the buttons wears off, making it hard to remember which button does what. In extreme situations, the cases split open forcing owners to resort to using tape or rubber bands to keep everything together.

What's a car owner to do?

Buy a Smart Key Cover of course! They aren't only for new smart keys after all. Not at all! Smart Key Covers are perfect for your tired looking Smart Keys. They cover-up all those dings and scratches, and add some style too. And they are much better than tape or rubber bands at keeping it all together. 

So next time you look at your tired, worn or damaged smart keys, imagine how much better they would look dressed up with a nice stylish cover. A great example is MotoQuip Design's cover for Toyota 4-Button Smart Key (Fits Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, and RAV4).