Be Careful with Your Keys When Valet Parking

Valet Parking. It's so convenient, and even mandatory at times. But there are certain risks you are taking whenever you valet park your car. You risk damage to your car obviously, but you also may be risking much more than just the car. 


Let's look at the risks to your car. The average valet attendant is between 19 and 25 years old and odds are you've never met them before in your life. They are total strangers to you. For those familiar with the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, it's easy to imagine the valet taking your car for a joy ride while you go about whatever business you are on. Unlikely, but it does happen. Disclaimer: Most of these attendants are reputable, honest, hard working guys and gals. But like every group, there can be bad apples in the bunch. 


OK, back to your car. Even without the joy riding, it is possible for your car to come back with some extra dings and scratches. It would be difficult for you to prove they weren't there before, especially with the contract you agreed to when you exchanged your keys for the valet stub. You did read that first, right? 

Then there's the risk of theft of your personal property. Do not leave anything of value in your car, ever! No cameras, MP3 players, tablets, smart phones, radar detectors, garage door openers, or shopping bags full of valuables. Ever! They can mysteriously sprout legs and walk away. And it's difficult to prove they were in the car when you handed it over. Again, read the back of your valet stub and you'll see they usually take no responsibility for theft of anything left in the car.


As bad as these situations can be, they're nothing compared to a more serious risk you may be taking: the risk of home invasion and robbery. If you hand over your car's Smart Key remote along with your other assorted keys attached to it, all those other keys may be duplicated. Especially your house key. So your house may be burglarized while you're out on the dance floor and you won't know it - until you get home. Or worse if it happens while you're home. So please hand over your car's Smart Key ONLY - not the keychain with your house keys on them!

The problem is, most Smart Keys aren't designed for hanging. They don't have any built-in loops or holes big enough for hanging. That's where a Smart Key Cover from MotoQuip Design can help. Our covers feature a built-in valet loop so you can leave the valet ONLY your Smart Key. The valet can now hang your remote on his peg board using this handy feature (you can use it at home too), and you keep your house keys with you. A great example is MotoQuip's cover for Toyota 4-button Smart Keys.

One final note: Some cars come equipped with a special valet key which may restrict access to the trunk, glove box, and sometimes even the folding rear seats. Check your Owners Manual to see if your car has this feature and how to use it. If your car does not have a special valet key, or you simply forgot to bring it with you, a Smart Key Cover from MotoQuip Design will help you keep your house keys with you.